Primary Care of St. Pauls is a medical practice specializing in internal medicine, located in St. Pauls, NC. The practice had been established for 10 years when the previous owner (the primary care doctor of the practice) made the decision to retire. Laticia Tharrington, a nurse practitioner with an interest in owning her own medical practice, inquired about the business and ultimately became the purchaser.

As an experienced professional in the medical field, Ms. Tharrington had a very unique vision for her new practice. She had previously worked in other facilities, but felt that many practices are missing a very critical component when it comes to the care of their patients – education. She has found that all too often, patients will go in for an appointment, receive a diagnosis of a condition, and leave the appointment with more questions than before they entered the examination room! Her mission is to ensure that everyone that visits her practice leaves with a complete understanding of their medical situation.

In order to fulfill her dream of becoming the owner of a medical practice, Ms. Tharrington needed to attain a loan that would cover the cost of the business acquisition. Laticia knew she wanted an expert in small business lending on her side, so she searched on LinkedIn and ultimately connected with one of our experienced Business Development Officers. With his SBA lending expertise, Ms. Tharrington was able to obtain a 7(a) business acquisition loan in just a few short months.

Here’s what Ms. Tharrington had to say about her experience working with our BDO and the team at FNB Small Business Finance:

I don’t have the right words to say about my BDO. My background is nursing, so I had a lot of catching up to do on business ownership. He was patient with me throughout the entire process. He truly was my mentor – he was there for me! I will never forget this experience for the rest of my life.

Primary Care of St. Pauls has been incredibly successful since Ms. Tharrington took the helm. She and her staff have booked appointments months in advance – just through word of mouth of her educational philosophy. In the coming months, she plans to expand her team to accompany the explosive growth of her business. If you’re looking for exceptional medical care in the St. Pauls area, call Primary Care of St. Pauls today.

122 E. Blue St.
St. Pauls, NC 28384

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