Additional Leadership

Construction Project and Compliance Manager

Crystal Hodges brings over 20 years of banking experience to her role as Construction Project Manager and Compliance Manager. She heads a team of experienced Construction Specialists that work with borrowers from conception to completion of their project.

Crystal founded the Construction Team at FNB Small Business Finance, has managed hundreds of millions of dollars in construction projects – from leasehold improvements to ground up construction. Along with her team, Crystal helps educate potential borrowers and their contractors on the construction process, SBA requirements, and the process to get their construction loan closed in a timely manner. After the loan closes, she and her Construction Specialists work directly with the borrower and their contractor through all funding requests through project completion.

Elizabeth Pollard

SBA Closing Manager

As SBA Closing Manager at FNB Small Business Finance, Elizabeth leads her team of Closing Specialists by example, always ready to jump in and help move loans forward. With almost 30 years of banking experience, she understands the closing process acutely, having closed hundreds of millions of dollars in SBA loans herself.

Elizabeth takes great pride in her department and works hard to provide each borrower with a good experience. She and her team understand how important the closing process is to our borrowers, working with urgency to get all loans closed correctly and as quickly as possible.

Paul Dorn

Accounting and Reporting Manager

Paul Dorn has worked in the financial services industry for over 20 years and has been with FNB Small Business Finance through many mergers and acquisitions. As the Accounting and Reporting Manager, his work is done mainly behind the scenes but ensures that all customer account needs are taken care of thoroughly and efficiently.

By improving internal systems and processes, Paul has played a direct role in making the SBA lending experience what it is today. His detailed and dedicated work keeps things running smoothly behind the scenes which results in a more straightforward and enjoyable lending experience for business owners.

Robert Johnson

SBA Credit Officer

Robert Johnson serves as Vice President and SBA Credit Officer at FNB Small Business Finance, leading a department of credit analysts and underwriters. He has worked in the SBA industry for over 15 years, originally joining the FNB team as an underwriter, and eventually making his way up to team lead, credit manager, and now an officer. He spent a few years in SBA Business Development, an experience that has helped him understand client needs from a different angle than most credit officers, and allows for more flexible loan structuring.

In his leadership role, Robert works with other leaders in the department to establish processes and procedures that help his team become more efficient and, as a result, improve the lending process for borrowers. At the end of the day, Robert is passionate about serving others and enjoys contributing to an exceptional lending process for small businesses throughout FNB’s lending footprint.

Seth Triplett

Portfolio Servicing Manager

Seth Triplett serves as the Portfolio Servicing Manager at FNB Small Business Finance, brining over 13 years of banking experience to his role.

Seth and his team of Portfolio Managers and Servicing Associates manage the relationships with all borrowers once a loan is funded through the entire life of the loan. From simple questions to complex scenarios, they are there to help our borrowers. At FNB Small Business Finance, every borrower is assigned to a specific Portfolio Manager and the borrower gets their Portfolio Manager’s direct dial phone and email to be able to reach out to a real person that’s familiar with their loan.

In addition to his daily activities, Seth successfully led the bank’s Paycheck Protection Program Loan Forgiveness team helping borrowers get their PPP loans forgiven.