Located in Solon, Ohio, Triton Products has been providing innovative storage and material handling solutions for over twenty years across the United States and Canada. Triton uses 5S and Lean Manufacturing principles and practices to optimize productivity and standardization while minimizing waste in the manufacturing process. They have increased their product offering from less than fifty to over five hundred skews in 2019, positioning them as a leading storage and material handling supplier. They work in the commercial, industrial, and residential spaces.

After years of experience as a Commercial Banker and Business Owner, current President and CEO Antony DeMarco found a great opportunity with Triton Global Products. With this previous experience, he knew that an SBA loan could be a great option for him to consider as he was ready to acquire Triton Global Products. Through an SBA loan, he was able to get flexible terms such as a lower down payment and a longer amortization schedule. With the help of our experienced Business Development Officer, Tim Carson, they were able to structure a loan to meet his needs.

He has this to say about his experience working with Tim Carson and FNB:

FNB was very responsive to my initial request. They were willing to meet with me fairly quickly and really get into the weeds a little bit in terms of figuring out if they could provide the financing that I was requesting, and I was very appreciative of that. I would recommend any business owner whether you are looking for growth capital, or acquisition financing to at least explore the opportunity that an SBA offers and see if it could be a good fit for you and your needs.

We are honored to have been able to partner together with Triton Products and wish them all the success in the future!