Senior’s 1st Choice Adult Day Care, located in Henrico County, Virginia, provides adult day care services for elderly, disabled, and infirmed individuals who cannot be left at home alone. They ensure that their clients feel at home and are provided heart-healthy meals each day, along with personal care on a medical and social level. Unlike other competitors, the owners of Senior’s 1st Choice Adult Day Care are also directors of the care program. They work alongside their staff and are knowledgeable about the daily operations of their facility as well as changing industry standards.

Mario Francis and his wife, the owners of Senior’s 1st Choice Adult Day Care, both have backgrounds in healthcare that prepared them well to run the facility. Mario spent 35 years working in the mental health industry helping providers on a state and federal level successfully meet guidelines for Medicaid and other programs. His wife is a Registered Nurse who brings professional nursing leadership experience to their team. Together, the pair have run Senior’s 1st Choice Adult Day Care for 14 years, serving the local community where help is needed most. During the pandemic, they had the option to shut down their business but instead decided to expand and purchase the building their facility was housed in.

As a minority-, veteran- and women-owned small business, there weren’t many financing opportunities available. Mario and his wife decided that an SBA loan would work best for their situation and started looking for a lending partner. A personal friend of Mario’s, who is also a business owner, referred the couple to Dennis Wagner, one of our experienced Business Development Officers, because she had previously worked with Dennis. Dennis guided Mario and his wife through the entire loan process by helping them get the information he needed and keeping them updated on the status of their loan. While Mario had worked with other bankers in the past, he found Dennis to be a constant and proficient professional. Dennis was able to structure an SBA 7(a) loan for them to purchase the building with terms and a rate that worked best for them.

Mario had this to say about his partnership with Dennis:

Dennis has been and will be the person I recommend to any business owner for a business loan. He fights for his clients behind the scenes and makes the process as seamless as possible. Even when we had some doubts, his confidence kept us focused and at ease. He appeared to take a genuine interest in us as future property owners and not just a number on his list.

Congratulations to Mario and his wife on this commercial real estate purchase! We look forward to seeing their adult daycare continue to grow and succeed in the future.