Specializing in medical equipment repair, the Medical Repair Company services the entire East Coast. With a long history of quality service, they have been able to support customers with a wide range of medical equipment expertise.

Jeff, the current owner of the Medical Repair Company, has worn many hats in the medical industry. When he worked as a Physician’s Assistant, he was tasked by a medical group to create and disseminate a new concept that had never been done before — an orthopedic walk-in care center. Through the process, he gained experience in product development, business development, inventory management, leading commercial real estate, and so much more.

Now it was time to apply that experience into something of his own! The previous owners of the Medical Repair Company came to Jeff and asked if he would be interested in buying the business. After doing due diligence on the company, Jeff thought it was a no-brainer. He had been presented with a hidden gem that he would be able to make his own. As he started the acquisition process in 2021, he determined he needed to get his financing solidified.

After cold calling several business brokers, he eventually found a Broker that was able to recommend a few people to him. Dennis Wagner was one of the recommended SBA lenders. After vetting his options, he knew that Dennis would be a perfect fit to get him to the finish line. Dennis was able to structure an SBA loan that met all of his needs.

Jeff had this to say about his experience working with Dennis Wagner and the team at FNB Small Business Finance:

Dennis was very hands-on throughout the process. While working with Dennis, I could tell he had many years of experience as a lender, but also in underwriting. From the initial conversations, I could tell that if I partnered with him, I could be confident in getting this loan closed. He was very communicative and offered guidance and support throughout the SBA loan process. Through every turn, Dennis had my back. I would absolutely recommend Dennis and the FNB Small Business Finance team! Others were looking to provide a product, but Dennis truly wanted to help me achieve this goal for myself.

We enjoyed partnering with Jeff and look forward to seeing his success moving forward!