Johnson Industries Pallets is a specialty pallet and crate manufacturer located in Western Pennsylvania. Through decades of experience, they are able to offer their clients customized solutions and have very specific capabilities to supply customers within the varied NE Ohio and Western PA industries.

Co-owner and partner, Ralph Rupert has over 20 years of experience in the pallet manufacturing business, both domestically and internationally. Karl Rupert, Co-owner and partner, is a retired teacher of 30 years with experience in landscaping and real estate. Ralph knew the previous owners of Johnson Industries Pallets and immediately became interested in acquiring the business when they were looking to sell the business and retire. As Ralph and Karl began planning to acquire the company, they were put in contact with one of our Business Development Officers at FNB Small Business Finance, through mutual connections. With a deal this large, an SBA loan was the best option to help them achieve the financing needed to purchase the pallet business.

Ralph and Karl had this to say about their experience working with FNB Small Business Finance:

FNB Small Business Finance was instrumental in helping us achieve this SBA loan. They were always there to help us through the process and answer any questions we had. Everyone on the team was knowledgeable, personable, and professional – we couldn’t say enough good things about the team we had. We would recommend the team at FNB Small Business Finance in a heartbeat, without a doubt. It feels like the entire FNB team are now a part of our team at Johnson Industries Pallets!

We are very excited to see where the future takes Ralph and Karl Rupert, and we wish the success as their business continues to grow!