For the past 20 years, Holden Beach RV Park in Supply, NC has been a family destination for beach-going fun. This location specializes in catering to campers looking for the alternative to cleared, treeless fields over-packed with close campers. Featuring mature live oak trees and rolling land, this beach park creates a beautiful, relaxing environment, providing shade from the summer sun, and delivering a bit of needed privacy. The fact that this location is the only tent park in the area also sets Holden Beach RV Park apart from the rest.

New owners Jeremy and Jen Timco decided over the past couple of years that they wanted to own an RV park. It all started when two years ago, the husband-and-wife team sold their house, bought an RV and traveled the country with their children, allowing them to explore 23 states in the U.S. and educate their kids at the same time. Through that amazing experience, they discovered that they truly wanted to own their own business and bring a similar family bonding experience to others.

Jeremy has previously worked in several business environments – business management, technology and communication are his strong suits. He brings a ton of experience to the table – but he also needed to seek funding to be able to acquire Holden Beach RV Park. After searching for a lending partner, he was introduced to one of our Business Development Officer. With their expertise in SBA lending, the 7(a) Business Acquisition and Commercial Real Estate purchase was closed much to Jeremy and Jen’s satisfaction.

Jeremy had this to say about working with our Business Development Officer:

He was amazing! He was concise in his direction and advice, and he really took the time to understand my story and my vision. He helped me refine and focus my business plan and guided me through the SBA loan process. This experience was better than I could have asked for. It’s obvious that he really cares for small businesses, and he wants to make sure my business survives and thrives. We got it done in 40-50 days from start to finish. The credit team, the underwriting team – everyone that touched our loan at FNB Small Business Finance bent over backwards for us, and we can’t thank them enough for their help!

Since closing the loan, Jeremy and Jen have taken over operations of Holden Beach RV Park and are continuing to brighten and beautify their business. They look forward to being a part of the evolution of the family vacation resort. We wish them the best in their endeavors and are excited for their success!

Holden Beach RV Park
2650 Liberty Ln. SW
Supply, NC 28462

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