Green Clean Auto Spa is a Veteran-Owned and Operated car wash business with locations around the Jacksonville, North Carolina, and Camp Lejeune area. At any of the six locations, with the seventh currently under construction, you can count on the team to deliver great customer service, while providing eco-friendly car washes. They recycle their water and use biodegradable products to ensure that they can do their part for the environment.

John Hunter, the owner of Green Clean Auto Spa, joined the Marine Corp when he was 17 years old where he focused on troubleshooting electronics and navigation systems. Through a competitive selection process, he was chosen to participate in the Officer Program, which led him back to his home state of Alabama to attend Auburn University where he earned his Bachelor’s in Construction Management. With his experience as a Marine Corp Officer, as well as the experience he gained at Auburn University, he decided in 2016 to open the first Green Clean Auto Spa location. The mindset of a Marine never left John as he built his first car wash location. He lives by the philosophy of dominating his area of operation, intending not just to survive but to thrive. Since the establishment of his first location, he has successfully grown the business and in 2019 he decided it was time to build the seventh location. As he researched which financing option would work best, with the help of the team at FNB, he decided to move forward with an SBA Ground-Up Construction loan. He felt that an SBA loan would allow him to keep cash flow within the business due to the flexibility associated with it. The team at FNB was able to structure a loan to allow John to achieve the financing he needed to continue growing his business.

John had this to say about his experience working with the FNB team:

The bank you choose matters! One thing that really set them apart to me was that they have an SBA team in-house, and are also a Preferred SBA Lender, which allows them to process loans faster. This means a lot to a business owner! The FNB team was helpful throughout the loan process. I would absolutely recommend the team at FNB to other business owners!

We look forward to seeing Green Auto Care Spa continue to grow and succeed!