Located in Reston, Virginia, Edlin School is a private school for gifted and talented children in K4 through 8th grade. Edlin’s accelerated curriculum focuses on engaging and hands-on learning that challenge students to achieve their best both academically and personally. With smaller class sizes, inquiry-based methods, and a customized curriculum, the Edlin School is very different from other schools, both public and private. Their goal is to address the needs of the whole child and nurture critical thinking skills in all of their students.

Diana and John DuMont had a strong connection with Edlin School. Mrs. DuMont’s mother began working at the school as an Administrator in 2005 and their son has been attending since 2018. When they heard that the previous owners of Edlin were retiring and selling the school, they instantly began looking into buying it. The DuMonts’ background is in business operations and, while they had no experience in the education world, they knew their business and consulting expertise would be valuable in running the school.

The first step was to find out if it was even possible to purchase it. Diana knew an SBA loan was the route to go so she began looking into different banks in the area. After speaking with Dennis Wagner, one of our Business Development Officers, Diana decided to work with FNB Small Business Finance to get the deal done.

She had this to say about her experience working with Dennis and the team at FNB Small Business Finance:

Dennis was so responsive. Any time I had a question, he was quick to explain everything to me a lot more confidently and definitively than the other bank I spoke with. Dennis and I had multiple conversations, multiple times a week to make sure we were all on the same page. I would absolutely recommend Dennis and FNB to other business owners.

We are excited for the Edlin School as they continue their mission of cultivating happy and successful students!