East Coast Towing provides light, medium, and heavy duty towing and recovery services based in Raleigh, North Carolina and throughout the surrounding states. Over the last 25 years, East Coast Towing has expanded its team of highly trained and tenured professional staff members and updated its fleet of trucks and equipment. East Coast Towing also has many great online reviews from customers that mention their quality customer service.

Matthew Saskin, the new owner of East Coast Towing, began his career in the technology industry, holding general management positions in start-ups and global enterprises. He and his wife eventually transitioned into real estate. During the pandemic, they decided to take advantage of the market and diversify their portfolio. Matthew and his wife discussed acquiring and operating a business, and began their search for a business that would fit their criteria. Once they found East Coast Towing, they started to evaluate their financing options.

Matthew and his wife decided that an SBA loan made the most sense for the deal they wanted to structure, particularly because of the longer amortization period. They worked with a debt broker, who introduced them to Dennis Wagner, one of our experienced SBA Business Development Officers. Dennis was able to walk them through the SBA lending process and was able to structure a deal that met their debt requirements. Even as the loan moved into the closing process, Dennis was available to Matthew and his wife to answer any questions they had.

Matthew had this to say about his experience partnering with Dennis Wagner:

I had a great experience working with Dennis and FNB Small Business Finance! Dennis was very knowledgeable about the SBA lending process. He spent a lot of time in our initial meetings to understand the business and my background to appropriately structure the deal. Dennis and his team were great to work with, from getting approval for the loan to underwriting and closing. I would highly recommend Dennis and the team at FNB Small Business Finance to anyone!

We value our partnership with Matthew and wish East Coast Towing continued growth and success in the future.

To learn more about East Coast Towing, visit www.eastcoasttowing.com.