Bon Meade Chiropractic Center, owned by Wayne Lawrence, is a well-known, family-run Chiropractic clinic located in Moon, Pennsylvania. Bon Meade treats patients of all backgrounds with needs ranging from routine maintenance care to musculoskeletal injuries. The staff and cutting-edge technology are what sets Bon Meade apart, with a focus on top-notch medical treatment, patient education, and customized care plans for each individual patient based on their unique needs.

Owning his own practice, as well as the building in which he operates his business, had been a long-term dream of Wayne’s. When the opportunity arose to do so, Wayne did not hesitate. Wayne met Adam Whitaker through a call he had made to FNB and knew right away that he wanted to partner with Adam for his business acquisition loan. Adam walked Wayne through many options before they eventually decided on an SBA loan as the best fit.

Wayne said this of his experience working with Adam and FNB:

This was my first business acquisition loan, and FNB was able to point me in all the right directions and answer my many questions and concerns. The loan process was very streamlined, and Adam was always available to assist me when in need. He was very informative and flexible with my busy schedule throughout the process and truly made me feel important. Without a doubt, I would recommend Adam and FNB to other business owners.

We wish Wayne continued success, and are excited to see his business continue to grow.