Big Rapids Cash and Carry is a full-service lumberyard, hardware store, and kitchen and bath design company located in Big Rapids, Michigan. With decades of experience in the industry, they pride themselves on their premium products, quality service, and dedicated employees. For their lumber yard specifically, they provide high-grade lumber that only 4-5 other lumber yards in the state of Michigan offer.

David VanderWeele, current owner of Big Rapids Cash and Carry, has experience running a variety of companies in many different industries. With his background in leadership and executive roles, he was ready to purchase a business of his own. After looking for the right opportunity for a number of years, he was just about to finalize the purchase of another business when his Broker told him about Big Rapids Cash and Carry. After a short conversation with the previous owner, Phil, he knew that this was the opportunity he had been hoping for. He had finally found a business and business owner that he clicked with and shared the same values. He truly wanted to be in the people business, and that’s what he got with this business acquisition and commercial real estate purchase. David’s broker put him in contact with our experienced Business Development Officer. After discussing the business and financial needs, they decided that an SBA loan would be a great fit. Through an SBA loan, David was able to get more favorable terms, in addition to the benefits provided by the CARES Act.

David had this to say about his experience with FNB Small Business Finance:

My entire experience working with FNB Small Business Finance was extremely positive. Throughout the process, they took the time to explain the process and timeline. While there are a lot of steps to go through, their communication helped me always know the next step and what was needed from me. I really enjoyed working with the entire team at FNB Small Business Finance. I would absolutely recommend them to other business owners!

We wish David all the success and look forward to seeing him continue to grow Big Rapids Cash and Carry moving forward!