AmeriClaims is a public adjusting firm located in the Charlotte, North Carolina area that represents both commercial business owners and private home owners. As a public adjusting firm, AmeriClaims advocates for the insured as they navigate large property insurance claims such as fire, storm, flood, or wind damage. With many years of experience, they handle the entire claim process from start to finish so the insured can quickly get back to living their lives.

Josh Benton, owner of AmeriClaims, has many years of experience in corporate America, with extensive experience in executive leadership positions. Through his knowledge of supply chain distribution and large-scale supply chain management, Josh understands what it takes to operate a business. Over the years Josh decided he wanted to put his corporate experience to work, owning and operating his own business. After much research, he found AmeriClaims fit the type of business he was looking for – a business that truly provided value to the end customer and helped them navigate through some of life’s toughest experiences. As he decided to take this next step in acquiring the business, Josh’s Broker put him in contact with Mark Moreno, one of FNB’s experienced Business Development Officers. They felt like an SBA 7(a) loan would be the best fit for his business needs.

Although there were some extra steps to work through in the lending process based on the current environment, Josh found that having Mark’s expertise at his disposal made all the difference. He had this to say about his experience working with Mark Moreno and the team at FNB Small Business Finance:

As a first-time buyer, it was helpful to have Mark there to guide me through the process and help from an educational standpoint. Mark and I’s personalities worked really well together, so it was a great partnership from the beginning, and now into the future. I would definitely recommend Mark Moreno and FNB Small Business Finance to other business owners.

We wish Josh all the growth and success in the world! We look forward to partnering together to achieve his business goals in the future.

For more information about AmeriClaims, please visit their website or call their office at 704-821-0108.