Aegis Performance Center is a coating company located in Burlington, NC. They sell and install hydrophobic coatings for different surfaces, protecting items from damage, acids, tar, and a host of other occurrences that could cause deformation in objects. The coating can be used on cars, boats, motorcycles, inside homes, on granite countertops, and in many other situations.

Another example: This coating can be put on top of stucco or brick to be easily washed off in the event of someone spray-painting graffiti on your home or business. One of the best features is that after the hydrophobic coating is applied, there is never a need for another wax – and the time between cleanings is greatly increased. This special coating has only been in the U.S. for five years, putting the owners of Aegis on the forefront of this technology.

In addition to installing the hydrophobic coating, Aegis will provide hydrographics (also known as water transfer printing). With this process, a custom print can permanently affixed just about any surface with any shape. Other services will include powder coating and mobile dustless blasting – an environmentally-friendly tool for paint or rust removal.

Company owners Frank and Ken discovered this hydrophobic product and instantly knew that they could turn it into a profitable business. They chose to leave their previous jobs to become entrepreneurs and start this coating company. Frank and Ken began to seek funding for their new venture, and were eventually introduced to FNB Small Business Finance through a referral. Our expertise in SBA financing led to the successful closing of this 7(a) start-up deal.

Frank and Ken had this to say about working with us:

FNB Small Business Finance was great to work with. It took us a while to write our business plan, and once we did that, many of the banks we went to for financing were not receptive to our idea. FNB Small Business Finance, on the other hand, read through our business plan, spent time at our building assessing the entire situation, and made it clear that they cared about helping us start our business. They believed in us and was a champion for our business. The application, underwriting, and closing process went by super-fast, and we are grateful for that. Thanks to the team at FNB Small Business Finance!

With the funds from this SBA loan, Frank and Ken have been preparing to open their start-up business. They are slated to open on October 29, and look forward to providing these unique and innovative services to their customers in Burlington and beyond.

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