Based in Connecticut, ABC Language Services provides interpretation and translation services from Maine to Virginia, with a specialized focus in the medical and legal fields.

For the past 20 years, Sanjay and Meeta Kamani have grown retail and consulting businesses into numerous successful endeavors. They love the opportunity that small business ownership gives them to create something new and watch it grow.

Recently, Sanjay’s uncle approached them about purchasing his translation business, ABC Language Services, as he neared retirement age. Sanjay and Meeta were familiar with the business and his uncle’s role in helping people in the medical and legal world through instantaneous translation. They were intrigued by the international aspect of ABC Language Services and its ability to essentially “bring the world” to clients through language services.

As they started the process of acquiring ABC Language Services, a colleague recommended they pursue an SBA loan. After researching other options, Sanjay and Meeta felt that the lending requirements for an SBA loan were much more balanced, allowing them to invest in the business while being mindful of the down payment and payment terms. Their attorney connected them with Dennis Wagner, one of our experienced Business Development Officers at FNB.

“Dennis was very accessible and made the process easy,” Sanjay and Meeta said. “He really helped us to learn and stay on task in terms of the process. To me, this was very new. I have always raised money myself, but this was the first business loan.”

“I would absolutely recommend Dennis and FNB to other business owners. Dennis was always there to answer our questions and was even available post-closing to point us in the right direction.”

We are excited to see the new heights Sanjay and Meeta Kamani reach with ABC Translation Services and wish them all the best in their endeavors!