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First National Bank Small Business Finance provides the tools you need to grow and improve your business. Whether you’re looking to start a new business, purchase an existing business, or expand your business with a commercial real estate loan, our team of SBA experts can help you navigate the lending process. We have the ability to structure deals to meet your needs, and can even fund project sizes up to $12 million.

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  • Fulford Industrial

    In Ashland, VA, also known as the “Center of the Universe”, sits an industrial distribution business called Fulford Industrial. Their niche is large commercial doors and the companion materials, such as high-speed doors, warehousing repairs, pallet inverters, and loading dock equipment. Not only do they sell the doors – the company has highly specialized service techs that provide installation and maintenance for their products.

  • CoCoTív

    Coworking spaces are some of the most popular, flexible rent options for professionals. One such business is called CoCoTív, based out of Charlotte, NC. The unique name of this business is derived from three principles – Coworking, Collaboration, and Cotívation. The latter word is the name of the ad hoc accountability group made up of members of the CoCoTív community. Cotívation provides the opportunity to get to know other professionals, share advice, struggles, and goals – ultimately adding up to a deeper connection among professionals in a variety of fields. This is an added benefit for those that want to join CoCoTív.

  • The Barker Lounge

    When it comes to taking care of our pets, we only want the best for them in those times when we cannot be with them. One of the leaders in shaping the doggy daycare industry is The Barker Lounge, a family of locations that specialize in making the most out of your dog’s day through a very unique approach – group play. Throughout the day, the dogs are put into groups of similar breed, size, and temperament to play together.

  • Natural Essentials

    The demand for essential oils, vitamins & minerals, and other natural personal care products is huge - and increasing every day. Natural Essentials has successfully found it’s place in this market, through their consumer-facing online store - Bulk Apothecary – and their manufacturing facility where they fulfill orders for themselves and other wholesale buyers across the country. They can sell one vial of essential oil to a customer, or gallons upon gallons to both mom and pop shops and large retail chains. Not only do they manufacture their own products – they handle design and printing of graphics in-house.

  • Sushi At The Park

    Sushi at the Park is an extension and evolution of a family of restaurants with an appreciation and expectation for quality food. The original idea was to combine sushi and Thai cuisines – a novelty over 20 years ago – and they have continued to evolve to include a fusion of a variety of Asian fare. For example, the menu has gone from simple, traditional rolls to more creative rolls with all kinds of ingredients. They always strive to push the limits of traditional Asian food and introduce it to all people.

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