Mike-Amon-WebManaging Director, Small Business Finance
Office: 704-280-8933



Michael Amon is leading the charge as our Managing Director of FNB Small Business Finance. An innovative, collaborative business executive, Michael has a proven record of successfully optimizing commercial lending, SBA lending, and credit delivery. He has broad-based experience with both large and small banks positioning organizations for growth, expanding volume, delivering millions of dollars of cost savings, and increasing returns. He utilizes his experience in SBA lending to build cohesive working relationships between sales and credit that speeds up execution end-to-end, benefitting both internal and external relationships.

Michael’s accomplishments include building credit departments from scratch, orchestrating comprehensive improvement initiatives, and successfully merging organizations. His strategies are growth-oriented to consistently deliver greater efficiency, are customer-centric, and scalable for long-term success. He knows firsthand the importance of crafting solutions to fit the uniqueness of SBA lending to benefit both the client and the bank, with the ultimate goal of long-term sustainable and profitable growth.